Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wanted: Perfect Date for Logan and Kendall

Seriously, Rushers, who wouldn't want to score a date with the awesome guys of Big Time Rush? *__________* 

I would love to date all four of them if ever, but of course the best would be reserved for me and Logan. *gets bricked*

Logan and Kendall (YAY for my top 2!) were recently interviewed by Yahoo! about their past dates, dream dates, and things that they are looking in a woman. I'm crossing my fingers and I'm hoping I fall into one of their choices! YAY~

Here are Logan and Kendall's answers from the CRUSH Questionnaire:

 * Did you have any jobs before entertainment? If so, what was your first job? What was your worst job?If you could travel back in time, what period would you visit?
Schmidt: Turn of the 19th century. Really digged the costumes.
Henderson: Middle ages. I would have been a knight who saves the princess and slays the dragon.
Schmidt: I volunteered at a pet store with my brother, Kevin, as a kid. Worst job: shoveling horse poo on Grandma’s farm.
Henderson: I taught a youth acting class before BTR. I’ve yet to have a “worst job.” I hope to never have a good answer for that question!

* What is your pet peeve?
Schmidt: Logan Henderson.
Henderson: Kendall Francis.
Schmidt: Really, with the middle name? Low blow.

* What’s your favorite food to pig out on?
Schmidt: Since [my pet pig] Yuma may be reading, bacon is out of the question.
Henderson: For Kendall maybe! [I] love barbecue. My dad’s a master when it comes to BBQ.

* Who is your celebrity crush? Why?
Schmidt: Katy Perry. I dig her vibe.
Henderson: Rachel McAdams for a plethora of reasons.

 * What’s your idea of a dream date? A nightmare date?
Schmidt: Dream date — fall asleep on a private jet and wake up on a tropical island complete with hammocks. Nightmare — fruity drinks without umbrella straws.
Henderson: Something crazy, like [eating] freeze-dried ice cream while in orbit on one of [Richard] Branson’s private shuttles. Nightmare — the girl turns out to be a man-eating alien.

* What’s one thing on your bucket list that you haven’t done yet?
Schmidt: Base jump. Although I should probably skydive first!
Henderson: Shark wrangling. Baby wrangling wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

* Which member of “The Breakfast Club” were you most like in high school?
Schmidt: Not gonna lie, never seen it.
Henderson: Emilio [Estevez] all the way.

* Speaking of high school, did you go to your prom?
Schmidt: I was home schooled, so I shared a slow dance with myself.
Henderson: I hear a tiny violin.

* What are your three favorite songs on your iPod right now? Who’s your favorite artist?
Schmidt: “The A-Team” by Ed Sheeran. I even did an acoustic cover for it. “Micro Macro” by my brother Kenneth. “Windows Down” [by Big Time Rush]. My favorite artist? Probably Incubus.
Henderson: “Windows Down.” “Elevate” [by BTR]. “Boyfriend” [by BTR]. Big Time Rush rules the world.

* When you were a kid, whose poster was on your wall?
Schmidt: Bob Marley.
Henderson: Lassie. 


OKAY. CAN THESE TWO GET ANY CUTER??? My Kogan heartttttttt <3

Marj <3

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