Friday, August 10, 2012

Typography attempt

Although I've had my laptop for three years now, it was only until a few months ago that I learned to tinkle with Adobe Photoshop through the help of my friend-slash-graphic designer~

Experimenting with Photoshop enhances your creativity, I think, and as a noob, I can say that I still have a looooooonnnnnng way to go. XD

A few days ago, after deciding to use my laptop again (it has been stagnant for quite sometime because I was so busy), I tried to do some typography again. I think this is the simplest thing one can do in PS~ and I want to share this one that I made~ and this is a simple typography art inspired by BTR's "Music Sounds Better With U", which happens to be the title of this blog, and also one of my favorite BTR songs. ^^

So here it goesssssss~ it's just simple, but I think the content is very sweet. *___*

I am planning to explore more of Photoshop's numerous features~ and I will upload some of them soon. ^^

Marj <3

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