Thursday, August 23, 2012

BTR Soundcheck at #woohooholmdel *______*

So I found this audio file posted by a fellow Rusher on tumblr, and she recorded Big Time Rush's Soundcheck on their Holmdel, New Jersey gig.

Never mind the screams like "Oh my God I'm gonna cry",  and the endless "I love you (insert member's name here)!!!!", that's wholly natural in events like that.

SO I ALMOST CRIED WHEN I HEARD BTR SANG THE ACOUSTIC VERSION OF MY FAVORITE BTR SONG "Music Sounds Better With U" and people were singing along to the band. *______* I imagined myself doing the same thing when I see them live. (plus the tears of happiness)


I really, really, really wish I can watch them perform live. I know I've been ranting over this for like, forever, but... GAAAAAHHHHH oh God let me see them in person, please. (I am wishing the same thing for my favorite Korean boy group TVXQ~ and even though I saw them in the flesh when they shot a commercial here in my country six years ago, I would love to see them perform together.)

So when I see them, I will be like~

MORE HAHAHAHAHAs co'z they also sang the forever hilarious "The Giant Turd Song", and of course, their current hit song, "Windows Down". WOOHOO!

I just love the fact that people were singing along to them, and I believe BTR appreciates all of their fans who have been supporting them since Day 1. Rushers are also lucky 'coz BTR are really humble guys and they know how to value their fans. ^^

Marj <3

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