Friday, August 24, 2012

BTR GIF of the day 08242012

TGIF, babies!

My favorite day of the week has already come~ and say hello to staying up all night long! :D I won't be able to watch BTR tomorrow, though. I have to attend my other fandom's gathering at a nearby cinema. It'll be lots of fun 'coz I'm gonna see my fellow Cassies again (short for Cassiopeia, and this is what the fans of TVXQ are called).

Okkkaaaay so me and my cousin went berserk last night again 'coz we spent our time imitating Logan and James in Big Time Guru and Big Time Break-Up. XD

So here's today's GIF~ It's from Big Time Rush's Nickelodeon commercial~ This is usually shown in-between breaks. :)

I always imitate this part, especially Logan's. And yeah, James really has that swagger, right? XD

Marj <3

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