Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BTR GIF of the day 08292012

For the nth time, Big Time Break-Up was shown last night, and for the nth time too, my cousin teared up at the end of the episode. Well, you can't blame her because..

1. She's a big Jendall (Jo x Kendall) fan; and

2. Her favorite BTR song "Worldwide" was also featured on this episode.

So here goes today's GIF, inspired by this, ugh, heart-breaking episode.

It's Kendall rushing to the airport to do their ceremonial 'goodbye kiss' just as Jo  is about to leave for New Zealand. Awwww. Such a romantic and sad scene at the same time. :(

From all the BTR episodes that I've seen, this is the only episode which has a sad ending. -_-

Bonus GIFs:

Marj <3

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