Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A fail attempt at blogging~


I spent a long time thinking whether or not I am going to create a blog dedicated to one of my favorite American groups, Big Time Rush. And so I ended up creating one~ mainly because it'll be quite unfair to the BTR boys (or men) 'cause I have another blog dedicated to my other addiction, which is the Korean culture. XD

And so here it is. I am really eager to start this blog because I will be putting here anything and everything I feel about these four crazy, wacky, goofy, lovable, and talented guys of Big Time Rush. 

Basically, this blog will be a repository of my favorite Big Time Rush moments. :)

So there. Please pray that I can keep this alive. ^^

To start off~ Here's a really awesome pic of the guys which I used as my office wallpaper. ^^

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