Monday, August 20, 2012

Some fans are just really lucky :(

So I heard Big Time Rush is coming to South America for a series of concerts next month.

The truth: I am envious of those Rushers who got to see (or will be seeing) Big Time Rush live in concert, much more to those fans who were able (or will be able) to breathe the same air as them, brush elbows with the boys, get an autograph, and pose for a photo-op with the guys.

Lucky fans.

I've read numerous fan accounts of those Rushers who got to see BTR perform live in their area, and what really awed me is that all of them were saying how awesome BTR is onstage, and how accommodating they are to their fans. I would love to experience those things too. :(

So, as a Filipino, I do have one request to the guys of Big Time Rush~ I am fervently praying that Big Time Rush will include my country if they will have a world tour soon. After all, nothing beats the joy of meeting your idols (or future boyfriends) in person, right?

Pretty, pretty please? *puppy dog eyes*


1. I instagrammed this pic to Carlos and Kendall. I am not really sure if they saw this, though. *cues in Invisible*

2. I've been saving part of my menial salary for their 'future concert' here. :)

Marj <3


  1. Story of my life. We share the same sentiments. But you have a chance, hopefully, next year. XDD