Friday, August 10, 2012

BTR Medical Terms

Rushers are so creative.

I saw this awesome post at tumblr, and I admit, I am diagnosed with the BTR disease. ^^ It's incurable, I guess.


PCD (post concert depression) or PCDS (post concert depression syndrome)- It’s what a person goes through after seeing Big Time Rush in concert. The symptoms range from mild to severe and include (but are not limited to)
  • singing Big Time Rush songs randomly.
  • Constant crying and and asking “Why couldn’t they take me with them?”
  • Throwing Big Time Rush into a conversation when it was not about them. (example: Mom- Do you want cereal for breakfast? Person- OMGOSH, on the show Carlos eats cereal from his helmet. I love Carlos.)
  • Any talking, kissing, hugging, or rubbing inappropriately of Big Time Rush merchandise. 
OBTRD (Obsessive Big Time Rush Disorder) also known as Rusher. When you suffer from OBTRD, you are a Rusher. You can not go through your normal day routine without thinking about Big Time Rush. Without wondering what Carlos, Kendall, James and Logan are doing at the moment in time. People with OBTRD tend to do the following:
  • Tweet BTR lyrics
  • Dedicate Tumblr Pages to BTR
  • Buy magazines because BTR is on the cover
  • Argue with anyone who dares to disagree that BTR is fucking amazing.
  • Have already planned weddings, honeymoon locations and children’s name with a BTR member.
  • Ship themselves
  • Talk about BTR when the conversation does not call for it.
  • Read and write drabbles about BTR
  • Call any parent of a BTR member Mama or Papa *insert last name*
  • Have written their first name followed by Henderson, Schmidt, Pena or Maslow.
  • Say things like “Only the fandom can talk bad about my guys, no one else can.”
  • This list goes on….
EOS (Exploding ovaries syndrome)- This happens to hundreds of thousands of Big Time Rush fans each and everyday. This chronic condition known as Exploding Ovaries Syndrome leaves women, both young and older, stunned at the sight of a picture, gif, or video from Big Time Rush. Women who experience EOS suffer with:
  • temporary paralyzation of their lower body (there are few reports where women have complained of being paralyzed all over their body.)
  • a horrible sharp pain through the pelvic area.
  • Lost of bodily fluids (Yes, there are several reports where women have actually experienced an orgasm while their ovaries exploded)
Confliction (feels)- It’s pretty simple. You love *insert guy here* but at a moment’s notice, when the house is calm, and the world is still, a picture of *insert other member* causes you to develop unwanted sensations towards that other member and not the one you were destined to love, marry and have a house full of kids with. These feels are NOT NORMAL!!

PMAGD (post meet and greet depression)- Those poor poor Rushers haven’t even begun to suffer from PCDS before the first bout of PMAGD begins to rip away at their hearts. They’ve just hugged members of Big Time Rush. Were breathing the same air, smelling the different scents of BTR and BAM… they are ripped away from them like a newborn from its mother fresh out of the womb. For days after their Meet and Greet, these Rushers can still smell Kendall’s cologne, or feel Carlos’ arm around them. They hear James’ laughter while they are showering and are submerged in everything whorish because of Logan.

NEBTRS- (Not Experiencing BTR Syndrome)- This is probably a combination of PCDS and PMAGD, however the person suffering from it HAS NOT been to a Big Time Rush concert or has even MET Big Time Rush. These Rushers experience a physical ache that controls them because they have not seen BTR live. It’s as if there is a gaping hole left in the middle of their chest. Rushers who go through NEBTRS need the love and support of their friends, families and the whole Rusher fandom. Some may go through bouts of feeling depressed or angry. Others may feel a lost of worthiness.

If you or anyone you know suffers from any of these symptoms, please know this…


1 in every 1 Rusher will go through one or more of these problems. There is no known cure, and honestly most Rushers do not want to ever be cured.

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