Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This is a James Maslow pimp post *_____*

Tumblr has been exploding again when netizens saw some of James' pictures from a photoshoot sporting a manlier and a more macho (HELL YEAH) look. *_____*

And sooooo to make up for not being able to spazz on James' birthday last July 16 (well, technically, this blog came to existence on August 09), I would like to take this chance to spazz over this tall and conceited (in the series, at least) pop star. XD

Allow me to share some of them to you~ Let's all die together as we welcome Big Time Rush's visual shocker, the handsome James.

Sources: 1 // 2 // 3

I DIED OKAY. He's just so manly now with all that facial hair + fine biceps. Agree?

How can someone as adorable like this~

...turn into someone as hot like this??

So I was like~

But I am pretty sure all Rushers are like...

So, to all those who posted those pics of James~

Oh well~ that's James for you! :)

Marj <3


  1. I just love it when you spazz. This is probably your best post so far and yes, who wouldn't want a hot, mature James with firm biceps and sexy facial hair? ldkfjsklfjskldjfklsdjfklsjfkldjfklsjfklsdjfklsj

    1. OMG really? Hahahaha thanks to James' facial hair and yummy biceps. HAHAHAHAHA. :D *dies with you*

  2. I love you too Logan ! hahahaha ! gumwapo na nga si James dati kc lakas mka-Bieber eh :))

    1. Logan loves all of us. Don't you just love James' new look? YUMMMEEEH