Monday, August 20, 2012

BTR GIF of the day 08202012

It's a brand new week again, and it's really good to be back.

I really don't get to post stuff during the weekend 'coz basically, my stupid laptop broke down (again, for the nth time) and had to be ugh, rebooted or reformatted. -_-

All of my BTR stuff are here in my office PC so I only get to post during weekdays. It kinda sucks, right?

Here's today's GIF~ It's from the MV of BTR's hit song 'Boyfriend'. Nice dance step you got there. *giggles*

GIF credit: as tagged

Remind me again not to unconsciously dance whenever I hear this song. XD

Marj <3


  1. OH GOD CLOUD this is also you?? HAHAHA so many accounts! It's like they're doing the hulahoops! :D I can't take my eyes off Kendall, though. XD *gets bricked by Logan*