Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Rusher that my cousin is ^^

I really have to thank my 11-year old cousin. Seriously.

While I was busy fangirling over TVXQ/DBSK two years ago, she told me that there's this cool show on Nickelodeon about a boy band. At first, I was quite skeptic 'coz as far as I know, my flailing era over American (and British) boy bands were already over. But hey, don't get me wrong, I still listen to Backstreet Boys, NSync, a1, Westlife, and 98 Degrees whenever I feel like I want to go back to the glory days of my childhood and adolescent life. ^^

So yeah. While watching MTV one afternoon, (this was around last year) she was talking about this group called "Big Time Rush", and I remember her flailing when BTR became MTV Push' Artist last 2011. She then told me that these guys are talented so I decided to check them out~ and as they say, is history.

This is Rose Ann, my cousin. She's proudly holding up my BTR CDs.^^

So from watching and flailing over Big Time Rush alone, she now has a confidant in me. :) Even my mom watches it already, and since we were singing a lot of BTR's songs at home, our aunt hums along too! Who could not resist the boyish charms of there four guys, anyway? *_*

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A few days ago, I asked her to make a bucket list of her Top 5 Big Time Rush songs and rank the guys from her favorite to the least~ but don't get her wrong~ she adores ALL four them. ^^

Here it goes~


1. Worldwide
2. Cover Girl
3. If I Ruled The World
4. Boyfriend
5. Nothing Even Matters


1. Kendall

2. Logan

3. James

4. Carlos

I will never get tired of thanking her for introducing me to this awesomesauce-overloaded group. ^^

Marj <3

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