Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Our very wacky helmet and corndog guy Carlos Pena Jr. turns 23 today, so let's all say, WOOHOO!!!

This post is lovingly dedicated to Big Time Rush's small but terrible sexy Latino hottie. ^^

See? Carlos' helmet and corndog APPROVES.

On August 15, 1989, Carlos Roberto Pena Jr. was born in Missouri. His father is of Venezuelan and Spanish descent, while his mother is of Dominican descent. Awesome cultural mixture you got there, amigo. ^^ 


Carlos Pena Jr. was born in Columbia, Missouri and is best known for his role as Carlos Garcia in the Nickelodeon television show, Big Time Rush. When he was 7 his family was moved to Weston, Florida, and attended The Sagemont Upper School. Carlos started his new found love when he was 12. "It all started with singing". That then led to musical theatre and much more. When he was 13, he booked his first national commercial. "Super Soaker". 

That led Carlos to pursue his career even farther. In (2003) Carlos came out to California for an acting competition, which to his advantage went extremely well. He placed first in all the categories that he had competed in. After the competition he signed with a new manager and landed a fantastic agent. Carlos was screen tested for the role of "Ned", on Nickelodeon's hit show Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. He was not chosen, but would later guest star on the show as King Bee in 2004 and 2005. Carlos also guest stared on shows such as E.R.Judging Amy, and Summerland. After graduating high school in 2008, Carlos decided to attend the Boston Conservatory for music.  

Shortly after finding out the news that he landed a co-starring lead role in the show Big Time Rush, Carlos left for the California coast. In addition to the TV show, Carlos is also part of the pop music band, Big Time Rush. 

After reviving the news about Big Time Rush, Carlos said, "I am thrilled to be on the show. It's the best of both worlds to act and have your own TV show and also to sing and record in the studio. Hopefully, we will one day sell out Staples and perform in front of 70,000 people!" Not only does Carlos sing and act, but him, along with the other members of Big Time Rush, are signed to Sony Music Publishing as a songwriter, some of the songs he wrote are featured on Big Time Rush's albums. In his free time, he loves going out on the boat, wake boarding with friends,and going underwater scuba diving. He hopes to perform on Broadway and to be one of the few Latinos to win Best Actor at the Oscars in the future.
Source: Carlos Pena NOW

  • Carlos has 3 younger brothers, Antonio, Javi, and Andres.
  • Carlos has a German Shepard named Sydney. 
  • His first job was working at Publix, a grocery store in Florida.
  • Carlos says if he wasn't in a band he would want to be a mammal trainer at Sea World.
  • Carlos is a black belt in Taekwondo.
  • Scuba Diving is one of Carlos' biggest passions.
  • Carlos’ first kiss was when he was 13, and it was with a 15 year old at a dance.
  • One of Carlos’ many celebrity crushes is Megan Fox! He says “Her tattoos and her body turn me on!” 
  • Carlos is more into fun dates. Even if they’re not romantic, they’re still fun! You should just have a cool time. I think that people should be friends before they start a relationship.
  • Carlos went to prom all 4 years of high school.
  • Carlos loves to shop at Banana Republic and American Apparel 
  • Carlos loved jamming out to the Jackson 5 as a kid.
  • Carlos writes a poem and turns it into a song in his process of song writing. 
More trivia can be found at Carlos Pena NOW. ^^

In Big Time Rush (TV show), he is considered as the joker of the band. He's always wearing a hockey helmet for no apparent reason at all. Moreover, he is the smallest and the most immature member of the group. Add the fact that he is so reckless, and often ends up breaking things at the Palm Woods and Rocque Records (of course alongside the whole band). He is impulsive and unpredictable so always be ready for a heavy dose of laughter while watching the show. :)

And now, here's some funny GIFs of Carlos~ SPAZZFEST!!

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As a member of the real band Big Time Rush, I find his voice really sexy. *_* It's perfect for their RnB-ish songs like "Boyfriend". I was awed with how his voice blended with Logan's rapping in the acoustic version of "Music Sounds Better With U". He is a very versatile singer-slash-comedian and I know that he and the rest of the Big Time Rush guys will go greater heights in the future.

He's a grown up man now~ he just had a new tattoo and I seriously think it's friggin' deliciously sexy.

He looks hotter now with all the muscles and facial hair on his chin. Our little boy (well, figuratively) is now grown up~ but he still remains as charming is ever. ^^

Happy Birthday, Carlos! Wishing you more success in your career! Keep on rocking the world BIG TIME! ^^

Marj <3


  1. I knew I've forgotten to do something until I saw that article about BTR in yahoo!

    Carlos is so adorkable and look at all them Carlos!GIFS. Your birthday-dedication post definitely did not disappoint. ^^

    P.S. Surprise! LOL. *gets kicked*

  2. Seriously dude? You're here bwahahahahahahahaha I so love you for this.

    Wait till Logan's birthday comes. More more more more spazz!