Monday, September 10, 2012

RIP, Little Princess Warrior :(

Just as she is about to get her wish of meeting her idol Big Time Rush, 8-year old Jane Fiemeyer from Minnesota left the world last Thursday. The news saddened the Big Time Rush boys, and the Rushers around the world as well. :(

Jane is a pretty little girl. :)

Jane was diagnosed with leukemia last August 2011, and doctors gave her a few months to live.  Optimistic little Jane accepted her sickness, and she spent her time making wallets out of duct tape to raise money for cancer research. She had to undergo difficult treatments, but she faced them with a smile. She thus earned the nickname, "Princess Warrior".

When the news broke out that her last wish is to meet Big Time Rush, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook exploded to help her meet the band. Finally, when Big Time Rush got the message, they canceled some of their shows in Canada to have a Skype date with Jane. Prior to their online meeting, they sent her a video.

 Jane with her loving mom, Jill.

And then she left. :( 

Everyone was saddened by the news. Jane and Big Time Rush's online date was supposed to start in a few days.

At the time of her death, she raised more than $2000. Her story served an inspiration to others. She was very selfless, and she faced her sickness with a bright smile.

During Big Time Rush's Ottawa gig (Sept. 07, 2012), they dedicated the song "Worldwide" to Jane. They brought out a stool, placed a bouquet of flowers on it, and Jane's picture was flashed on the LED screen behind them.

"Jane, I'll be thinking about you worldwide..." 

Now, people are having a Twitter campaign to have Big Time Rush sing at her funeral.

 Carlos' and James' tweets.

These are flowers sent by Big Time Rush to Jane's family.
(Credit: Team Jane@Facebook)

As of this writing, I cannot help but cry because she is such a nice girl, and these are the moments I question the principles of equality and fairness. Why do the good people have to die first? 

It's just so unfair. 

They could have done more things which will inspire and benefit the people, than those bad guys who do nothing but instill fear and hatred in people's hearts.

Does someone have to die for people to act?

A fund has been set up in Jane's memory, named as the "Princess Warrior Fund" and the money which will be gathered will go to cancer research and organizations. 

Your sweet smile will be missed. :(

Thank you for serving as an inspiration to everyone. Your bright smile will forever remain in our hearts. Your sufferings are now over. Rest in peace, our warrior princess.

Note: I am suspending the GIF of the day series for this post.

Marj <3

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