Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BTR GIF of the day 09122012

Two more days to go and it's Logan's big day! ^^ So here is today's GIF~ :)

It's BTR's resident genius (and life-saver) Logan doing all the schoolwork 'coz the other three went AWOL in the Season 2 opener, "Welcome Back Big Time".

If he was my classmate, we would be competing for the top honors, and be an awesome nerdy class couple. ^^ HOW I WISH. *______*

Bonus: Another Jendall moment which made my heart flutter~

Seriously, Kendall getting jealous over Jett and Jo is just too cute because of his leafy hat. Hahahaha

And of course~ there's wet Jarlos (James x Carlos) which is too awesome to go unnoticed. :D

Marj <3

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