Monday, September 3, 2012

BTR GIF of the day 09032012


This has to be one of my favorite months of the year because...

1. It's Chuseok aka Thanksgiving Day in Korea, which means, it's a long vacation for me and my students. (Although technically, Chuseok's gonna fall on a weekend this year... so it kinda sucks. -_-)

2. It's the start of the -BER month, which means.... it's Christmas in the Philippines already. Yeah, we celebrate Christmas as early as September. Actually, Christmas CDs were already being sold in record bars. ^^

3. Big Time Movie's Asian TV Premiere will be on September 8! :) Commercials are now airing in Nickelodeon. :)

4. It's Logie-bear's 23rd birthday on September 14~ So yeah, expect a long spazz post 'coz he's my bias and all. :)

5. It's my 24th birthday on September 15! Ohyea this is destiny! ^^


Consistent mom is consistent~ Big Time Rocker was aired yesterday, and she was so happy to see the guys perform her favorite Big Time Rush song, "Paralyzed". Fanmoms FTW! :D

Big Time Rush rockin' out on the street!
Credit: as tagged

And so, today's GIF set is from the said episode~

Who says BTR doesn't rock??? HELL YEAH THEY DO! ^^

Since this is one of my favorite episodes~ Imma add some more hilarious stills ^^

It's not "Pair of Eyes", Gustavo. It's "Paralyzed"! These gags are so funny!

Presenting~ Kendall the rock star! He looks so dashing in those black clothes + guitar. jkiojgfoigjhgfh

But Kendall, this is so not cool. You look like you're electrocuted. XD


These two need to be the real thing. I swear. :)

And oh, James and Carlos can pass as Mario and Luigi cosplayers! ^^ Adorableeeeee! ;)

And another bonus~ Beware of the cool, dark place, called the FRIENDZONE.

Credit: as tagged

James and Carlos obviously don't like the idea of being friendzoned. :P

Apparently, Logan has something to say to me..


I think is is my longest GIF of the day post so far. Hahaha. ^^

Marj <3

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