Friday, September 28, 2012

BTR GIF of the day 09282012

It's Fridayyyyy~ and I am so exasperated. x____________x I did some progress reports and renewal reports for my students these past few days.

And yeeeeeyyy it's a long weekend for me 'coz it's Korea's Thanksgiving Day!

Speaking of exasperated, let's pause for a moment of silence as we appreciate how Kendall looks like when he's exasperated.

This can be called "The Exasperated Kendall Schmidt Appreciation Post". ^^

How can this guy still be so cute despite everything? *__________*

I am so into 1D right now (well, I've always been into them since 2011~ but they're way hotter nowwwww [LIAM AND ZAYN SQUEAAALLL] and I am so LSSed with 'Live While They're Young'~) and I am thinking whether or not I'm going to put a blog for them. XD

Marj <3

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